• Welcome to The Post

    Welcome to The Post

Fueling Vancouver's next generation of creators and innovators

Celebrating heritage, connecting with community

Welcome to the revitalization of a historical landmark, preserving the best of the past while dreaming with purpose about the future. This reimagining will welcome a new wave of workers from the growing knowledge economy to a building that once housed a mainstay of our traditional economy. The result is The Post, a dynamic new development where people come together to share ideas, gain inspiration and embrace new experiences.

The Post project is one of the most ambitious heritage redevelopments in Canada’s history, preserving the building’s architectural features through sustainable and adaptive reuse, and re-establishing the property as a signature landmark.

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Celebrating heritage, connecting with community

Construction Updates

March 11, 2022
For the next two weeks:
  • South tower roofing and landscaping will continue
  • Drywall will continue on floors up to level 21 of the North Tower
  • Washroom floor and wall tile will continue up to Level 21 in the North Tower
  • North tower elevator installation will continue
  • Exterior column and salvaged pink granite installation will continue along Homer street
  • Façade restoration will continue along Dunsmuir and Hamilton Street
  • Landscaping will continue along W Georgia Street
  • Emergency power system commissioning will continue
  • Heating and cooling commissioning will continue
  • Final completion reviews are underway for the parking areas and South Tower in preparation for Amazon tenant improvements
  • The Hamilton Street sidewalk adjacent to the building will be closed for the duration of the project.
  • The Hamilton Street southbound curb lane will be closed daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)
  • The Homer Street curb lane will be closed for the duration of the project
  • Noise Exemption permits will be applied for all weekends and concrete pour days until further notice

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening at The Post?

We are developing a new office and retail hub in downtown Vancouver. Upon completion in 2023, The Post will be the business home of Amazon locally and of 7,000 people overall. The development will include two office towers as well as 185,000 sq. ft. of retail, featuring a Loblaws CityMarket and multiple food and beverage options.

A project backgrounder can be found here.

What makes this development significant?

This development is one of the most ambitious heritage redevelopments in Canada’s history. We are not just preserving the façade of the building, we are using its existing structure to create Vancouver’s largest office floorplates, while also conserving approximately 25,000 tonnes of carbon by retaining the existing structure.

How will you be preserving the Canada Post building?

The Canada Post building is one of the most important examples of Vancouver’s mid-century architecture, and we appreciate the need to preserve it. The building’s original and distinctive decorative features, including the coats of arms on the exterior, a relief sculpture of a postal worker, as well as an interior mosaic and mural, will all be reinstalled upon completion of construction.

Why office and retail?

There is clearly a strong market for this kind of mixed-use office and retail project in Vancouver. The technology sector is reshaping office layouts, raising demand for innovative office spaces in central locations such as The Post. The City of Vancouver’s support and the participation of business leaders such as Amazon and Loblaws reinforces our view that The Post is the perfect development for the Crosstown area and Vancouver overall.

How large is the development?

The two office towers will be set atop the original podium which will preserve the existing heritage structure. One tower will be 21 storeys and the other 22 storeys.  

Why is the construction noise so loud?

The Canada Post building is made of concrete and steel and is a very solid post-war building. It is also hollow, so there is an echo, particularly as work is conducted on the roof. This work will be largely completed early in the new year. We are doing this work so that we are able to preserve the heritage of the 1950s building.

Where can residents find more information on construction-related street closures, when they occur?

Changes and/or closures to city streets and sidewalk access for construction purposes will be clearly identified including, where possible, alternative means of access. We update this website regularly with construction and public access updates. In addition, the project will periodically mail out construction updates to neighbouring office and residential properties.

When will the construction be completed?

There will be phased openings of the project between fall 2022 and fall 2023.